Trades of Hope was founded by two mother/daughter teams and we love that aspect of families working together to further instill compassionate values in the next generation! We’re so excited to introduce a new program called SPARKS!  This program is for girls and boys ages 11-17 to become a part of Trades of Hope with you.

Sparks can join under a Partner parent or other adult Partner, with a parent’s permission. When Sparks join, they will have access to a special FB group just for them — with fun training and recognition. Plus, they will be able to attend Trades of Hope events with you! 

There are two spots to join. If you are a Partner and the parent of the Spark please enroll your child here.

For non-Partners who are interested in signing up their child, a form is available on the website on a sparks page. All those who fill out the form on the website will receive follow-up communication from the home team to help them get signed on as a Partner so they can start their adventure together with their child. 

Sparks Benefits:

  • Business skills
  • Social skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Worldview
  • Time management
  • Marketing
  • Confidence
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Fun Challenges and Community building through a special FB group. 

Sparks and Events

Bring your Spark to attend our upcoming Inspire event! Bringing your Spark to the event is completely up to you, but we suggest that they are 14 years+ and actively involved in your business. 

  • special activities
  • recognition


We have also created this Sparks Flyer for you to use at your home parties or vendor events. Click here to download the PDF.


We have also created this Sparks FAQ for your reference:  Click to Download the Sparks FAQ

Download all your marketing graphics below by selecting images and clicking on the download images button. If you are on your mobile phone, simply just tap on the photo and hold until the option “Save Photo” appears.

You can use a FUN caption like the following to post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: 

“The Sparks program is for young adults looking to change the world and have fun doing it.  Sign up for the waiting list today.

We have provided you in this order with the following graphics for you to share:

  • 3 Sparks Graphics
  • 1 Facebook Banner


Download this video and share with your customers how their purchases can change lives around the world.

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