Pursue Your Purpose Join Incentive


Introducing the “Pursue Your Purpose” Join Incentive!

This sponsoring incentive runs throughout the first quarter of 2019, from January 1st  through March 31st.

For each new Compassionate Entrepreneur that joins by purchasing either the $99 Traveler Kit or the $199 Adventurer Kit, Trades of Hope will donate a school uniform to a child in Haiti! 

Children in Haiti are required to wear uniforms to go to school, but the cost is prohibitive for many parents. Clothing shouldn’t stand between a child and their future! Now your newly-sponsored CEs will start making a difference in lives from the moment she joins!
  • New CEs must join by purchasing the $99 and $199 kit to qualify for this promotion.
  • New CEs must purchase their kits between 1/1/19 – 3/31/19 @ 11:59 pm EST.
  • One school uniform will be donated to a child in Haiti for each new CE.
  • New CE will receive a Thank You postcard included in their kit shipment.
The goal of this promotion is to bring on more Compassionate Entrepreneurs through an impactful incentive you can consistently share throughout the first quarter of 2019!
When sharing this incentive, be sure to let your audience know the impact they can make in the lives of both the artisans around the world and in their own life. Share a few quotes from your fellow Compassionate Entrepreneurs to meet your audience on a personal level:
  • “Trades of Hope has blessed me and my family by giving me the gift of time. I have been able to stay home with my children, care for and homeschool them full time. It has blessed my life exceedingly … So many people I talk to say, ‘I just don’t have the time to run a business.’  But Trades of Hope has given me more time because I have time that actually matters:  Time with my family, time with my children, and I can use my time to impact the lives of women around the world.” – Jenna VanderWeide
  • “I love how this job gives me a reason to get out of my comfort zone and meet so many new people I would never have known otherwise! The relationships that I am building in my community because of Trades of Hope make my life so much richer.” – Mandy Johnson
  • “Before Trades of Hope, I was overwhelmed by all the injustice and suffering I saw in the news, but I didn’t know how to actually help. Trades of Hope is a way I can actively help people around the world while making a little extra income!” – Nicole Daniel
  • “I am very thankful for my work with Trades of Hope. I have a purposeful job that impacts families around the world, extra income for my family, a creative outlet, and the perfect reason for this mom of 7 to have the occasional night out!” – Andrea Anderson
  • “I love that this is a business where I can partner with families around the world who are in difficult situations while helping with families in my own community. I have been able to fundraise for families of children with severe medical issues. I have been able to bless friends who were grieving over close losses by giving them touching gifts that represent hope. Being able to touch hearts where I am with what I have while raising my family has been the true blessing of being a CE.” – Kate Umbra
  • “Trades of Hope allows me to make a difference around the world every single day I touch my business all while providing financially for my own family!” – Stephanie Taylor
  • “Being a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope these past 8 years has given me a way to act upon, in a meaningful and impactful way, my passion for empowering women.  It does so in a manner that perfectly aligns with my post-retirement lifestyle and other interests.” – Linda Jenkins
Download this PDF printout to display in your parties: Pursue Your Purpose Party Printout
Download and share the graphics, photos, and artisan images below to start improving the lives of children in Haiti: