Purpose Path


This program is a great way to help Partners kickstart their new Trades of Hope business and earn rewards!  It’s a Give and Get program within their first 60 days that helps new Partners build a sustainable business while helping others around the world.   

The Purpose Path begins on the date of enrollment. This program replaced the older Smart Start Program. 
  • All Partners who signed on prior to August 1, 2019 began the Purpose Path on that day to kickstart their Map to DR incentive. This first 60-day program ended on September 29, 2019.
  • Those Partners that were on the Smart Start Program were re-started with all existing Partners on August 1, 2019. The Home Team will continue to monitor their original Smart Start progress and award the coupons, Bike and Education for achieving the current Smart Start goals for months 4 through 10!
  • New Partners will have a Dashboard widget chart showing their progress through their first 60 days to help keep them on track with their goals!
Click here to download the PDF for Purpose Path & Map to DR

Give & Get within your first 60 days!

When you sell $1000 of artisan products:
  • You’ll have earned $250 worth of commissions in your e-wallet
  • You’ll give a dozen chicks to a family in Africa (limit one gift of 12 chicks per Partner)
  • You’ll receive $100 in Trades of Hope coupons (limit one coupon per Partner)
  • You’ll have earned your first 1000 points on the Map to DR
  • You’ll provide an Ultrasound to a woman in Madagascar on your Map to DR journey! (limit one gift of an ultrasound per Partner)
When two people you know join Trades of Hope:
  • You’ll receive $100 in Trades of Hope coupons (limit one coupon per Partner)
  • You’ll get 600 bonus points on the Map to DR 
  • You’ll give 2 fruit trees to a family in Africa to celebrate your sponsoring! (limit one gift of 2 Fruit Trees per Partner)
When you sell $1000 and sponsor 2 new CEs:
  • You will earn a FREE Radiant Necklace
    (Valued at $74, it’s a great addition to your kit!)


* You must sell and sponsor within 60 days of your enrollment date to be eligible for the rewards listed above on your Purpose Path.
* There is no limit to how much you can earn within your first 60 days.
* Trades of Hope coupons earned may not be used for Kit Builders.

Download and share the following graphics to show your customers and potential Partners the impactful gifts given when you work towards these goals together! (Additional Purpose Path graphics coming soon!)

*Smart Start graphics applicable to those currently in their Smart Start period only – these Partners’ sales will be tracked towards donating a bike and education through the program. 

Check out this video of Founder Gretchen explaining the new Purpose Path: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfKVMngHOKY&feature=youtu.be