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Here’s where you can find a listing of all Trades of Hope video links organized by category. These are perfect for sharing with potential CEs to help explain who we are, what we do, and how they can partner with us to help empower women around the globe out of poverty.

The links are also extremely helpful for newer CEs as they continue learning more about the mission, artisan partnerships, and the vital role they play in the Trades of Hope sisterhood.

Videos About TOH

About Trades of Hope:


TOH Event Videos

Trades of Hope Event Videos:

Hostess Videos

Hostess Videos:

Sponsoring Videos

Sponsoring Videos:

Training Videos

Training Videos:

Purpose Path Videos

Purpose Path Training:

Artisan Videos

Artisan Videos:

Product Videos

Product and Product Line Videos:


Gifts of Hope Videos: 

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Promotion-related Videos:

Misc. Videos

Miscellaneous Videos: