Map To Dominican Republic

Here we go again … Next Stop: the Dominican Republic!

This newest map incentive we recently introduced at Inspire 2019 will run from July 1st, 2019 through January 31st, 2020 and is available to ALL Trades of Hope Partners. This game-style map below shows the various prizes you can win along this fun journey. The various steps along the route are based on the level of points you earn.

Click here to download the PDF: Map to DR

Click here to download the Giveback PDF: Map to DR (back)

About the Incentive

Just like the Map to Guatemala, this awesome incentive is designed to help you grow your business. This map is designed to give you the motivation and incentive to maintain greater consistency in your sales and sponsoring. These two factors are so vital to ongoing sustainability for our Artisan partners around the world.

The goals are not about competition or comparison … rather, they can measure your power to change so many lives as you reach each milestone through your sales and sponsoring. Every point earned represents an impact on Artisans around the world. ๐Ÿ’—

We want you all to play along and join in the fun!  Although points started to be tracked by our home team in early August, this awesome incentive includes the PRV you’ve earned since July 1st, 2019.  You’re already on your way and one step closer to earn these super fun, exclusive prizes and donate impactful gifts to women and families around the world.

Breaking News!!

Founder Gretchen went live in your Facebook group on November 5th to announce a NEW way YOU can get to the Dominican Republic!! 

Because we want to see all of you in the DR next year, you’ll now have additional “BUY IN” options so everyone will have the opportunity to reach this travel goal! 

Please note the following new additions:

  • Partners who reach 12,500 points by 1/31/20 can “buy” their trip for $550 for a single room, or share a room for $375.
  • Partners who reach 17,500 points by 1/31/20 can “buy” their trip for $325 for a single room, or share a room for $190.
  • Partners who reach 25,000 points by 1/31/20 will still earn the trip for free. If they choose to share their room, they will get a $100 travel credit.
  • Remember, this does not include airfare. Partners all must provide their own airfare.
  • The resort is all-inclusive and food will be covered.

Prizes, Points, and Givebacks

For some milestones, your prize will be an EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT, only available through this incentive:

  • Huipil Coin Purse (2,500 points)
  • Kindness T-Shirt (5,500 points)
  • Marbled Leather Keychain (8,500 points)
  • Larimar Earrings (12,500 points)
  • Domingo Tote (17,500 points)

For some milestones, you will GIFT resources and useful items to women and families in countries all around the world:

  • Ultrasound in Madagascar (1,000 points)
  • Solar Light (4,000 points)
  • Four Weeks of Protein (7,000 points)
  • Eyeglasses (10,000 points)
  • Baby Delivery (15,000 points)
  • Water Wheel (20,000 points)

You’ll get there even faster this year!
When you complete your  journey of consistent sales to reach 25,000 points within this timeframe, you will receive a (drumroll, please…)

  • At a date TBD, you can join our founders on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the DR where you’ll meet Artisans, experience their culture, and spend time with your Partner sisters.
  • The travel window will include free time for your own exploration
  • * Flights not included.
  • ** Accommodations, two meals per day, ground transportation, and planned events will be covered.

Each map point is equal to $1.00 in  PRV.
The Map to the DR is retroactive to include all PRV/points earned between July 1st, 2019 and January 31st, 2020.

But WAIT! There are even MORE ways to earn points along the map: 

  • “Dream By 15” – Partners who earn $300 in PRV by the 15th of any month will receive an additional 150 map points.
  • Sponsoring – When you sign on another Partner by 1/31/20, you’ll earn an additional 300 map points. *Limit 30 new partners/9600 map points.
  • Coaching – When a Partner you’ve sponsored promotes to QCE by 1/31/20, you will be rewarded with an additional 700 map points for your awesome leadership! *Limit 30 QCEs/21,000 map points.


  • Our home team will be tracking your map points
  • You will not need to submit a form when you reach a prize level
  • We will alert and celebrate you when you’ve earned each prize or giveback
  • Your prizes will be automatically sent to you
  • Promotion runs happen once per month at the beginning of each month based on the prior month’s performance.
  • Coaching map points will be awarded once per month after the promotion run happens.
  • Map to DR recognitions will be celebrated twice monthly on your Partnersโ€™ Facebook group page
  • Prizes will be sent monthly

Ultrasound in Madagascar
  • When you reach 1,000 points along your Map to DR, you will provide a prenatal ultrasound to an expectant mother in Madagascar to help ensure a healthy delivery.
Solar Light
  • When you achieve 4,000 points along the Map, your work provides a safe, rugged, sustainable solar lantern that doesn’t require batteries or dangerous kerosene to provide a source of light for an impoverished family in Uganda, Tanzania, or Kenya.
4 Weeks of Protein
  •  By earning 7,000 points along the Map to DR, you will gift four weeks of nutritious, necessary protein to keep expectant mothers in Madagascar healthy.
  • A pair of glasses will be donated to someone in Rwanda or Bangladesh when you earn 10,000 Map points. The gift of better vision also allows for greater productivity and earning potential to shrink the population in poverty.
Baby Delivery
  • You can fully fund a natural baby delivery at a maternity center in Madagascar when you earn 15,000 points along your Map to DR.
Water Wheel
  • By reaching the 20,000 point level on your map, you will provide a Water Wheel to a family in India so they can more easily retrieve clean water.