• Kenya is pronounced [k ee n y uh]
  • Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania.
  • It has a population of approximately 46.8 million people. 
  • Kenya’s natural beauty and wildlife draw many tourists each year. 
  • In the midst of this beauty, 42% of Kenya’s residents live in poverty. 

The artisan group we partner with in Kenya is providing sustainable work for people with various physical disabilities that may otherwise never receive such opportunities. But it is deeper than just creating beautiful jewelry and crafts from local materials. The group invests in the wholeness of their artisans by providing them with basic necessities. A few of those necessities are housing for the severely disabled, medical services, schooling for the artisans’ children. They also provide economic and social training to transition into the world beyond their jobs. They learn far more than a new set of skills; they find a place to belong, feel valued, and give back.


Alice lost her legs to polio as a child and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Being able to work with this artisan group gave her more freedom and the ability to provide for herself. Alice had a desire to be a mother, but the disease left her bones too weak to bear children of her own. Despite this news, Alice was still determined to be a mother and adopted two children. Now, Alice is able to live her life to the fullest by providing and loving her children.

Through this artisan group, Alice receives medical care when needed and her children are given the opportunity to go to school. She and the other artisans also get economic and social training to help them become more fully-integrated members of society outside of the group.
Alice is very grateful to be given these opportunities that have enriched her life so greatly: “I feel terrible when I see disabled people in the streets begging. I am so lucky to be here, safe, secure and with a chance to live a full life.”