• India has the world’s second highest population, with an estimated 1.31 Billion people. 
  • India is home to the largest number of poor people in the world, as well as the largest number of people who have recently escaped poverty. 
  • India has made remarkable strides in reducing poverty. Yet, 22 percent of the population or 270 million people live below the poverty line.  Eighty percent of India’s poor live in rural areas. 
  • Women and children in the informal economy are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and often, abuse. 


Poverty imposes an oppressive weight on India, especially in the rural areas where almost three out of four Indians and 77 percent of the Indian poor live. Although poverty has been reduced during the past four decades, it remains painfully high. Trades of Hope is so excited to partner with multiple groups all over India to make a difference in this! Through this partnership, women are given the chance to work from home while they take care of their families. Not only do these groups provide their artisans education for their children, but many also receive health care and financial assistance.
These groups work with women facing extreme discrimination as a result of their caste-system, those experiencing excommunication from their communities due to leprosy, and those trying to find a way to support their families without turning to sweatshops or the sex industry. Some of these groups have started schools for villages in the area and help provide clean water. Their goal is to train their artisans to own their own business, so that they can provide for their family! The gift of sustainable business does not only affect one person, but whole communities and generations to come.


Nayna is a single mother doing her best to support her family of 4. Her recently deceased husband had left her some years ago for another woman. This left Nayna in a position where she did not know how she and her children would survive. Fortunately for Nayna, her parents invited her and their grandchildren back home.
Nayna’s son has now finished high school and is working in a store, while her daughter is studying in what is 10th grade. Nayna loves working with this group and appreciates how they value her by providing safe working conditions, regular wages and additional benefits. She has already begun making plans for her children’s weddings in the future, as weddings are a big and joyous celebration in India! She loves that she now has the ability to plan and save for these kinds of things. Nayna is excited that working with this group helps to ensure her children have a bright future.

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