Fall 2019 Line

Introducing Shades of the Savanna…

Our Fall 2019 concept is a collection that represents the beautiful peoples and culture of Africa in regards to design  … with a modern twist.

Inspiration for the Fall 2019 Line

Inspired by our founders’ Artisan visit to Africa last year, the materials in this collection reflect elements that could be found if journeying through the Savanna: various stones, feathers, hand-hammered metals, and leather.

Taking a cue from 2019’s runway trends,  you’ll see modern elements and shapes … Unique materials such as feathers, and versatile pieces that pair and layer well — all with a definitive nod to the Artisanal details that speak of the woman who made it. The products are easily stackable, layered, and provide a stunning handmade fashion statement to your ensemble.

As always, we want to visually portray the skilled craftsmanship of our talented Artisans and did so by featuring block printed details, hand-hammered pieces, carved bone, and hand-beaded, woven, and embroidered details.

With Africa was our inspiration, we focused on adding new pieces to the collection from our inspiring artisans in Uganda and Kenya. As we worked on this line, our vision was to present a collection that invited the customer to go on a journey, a visual escape, showing how by simply purchasing a  pair of earrings, you are investing in the future of a woman around the world.

We hope you love every piece as much as we do and share with your customers the products and the stories tied to each piece. Your work is changing lives and empowering women to provide for her family!

Take a look at the digital version of the Fall 2019 Lookbook here:

You can also DOWNLOAD a copy of the Fall Lookbook by clicking on the Issuu link and choosing the Download option in the bottom menu bar on the video.

PLEASE NOTE – Price Updates:
We have revised the prices of the following three items, effective 7/20/19. Note the new prices below: 

  • Faith Bowl, $28
  • Hope Bowl, $28
  • Love Bowl, $28

Marketing Materials

Your Fall 2019 Marketing Materials:

We love providing you with marketing materials to help you engage others with beautiful photos, graphics, video content, and more!

For your Fall Lookbook, you’ll find the following materials below: 

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  • 30 Artisan Photos  for you to share on social media
  • Designs of Hope video
  • Behind the Line video
  • Introducing Fall ’19 Collection video 

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Behind the Line: Fall 2019

Watch & share Founder Elisabeth’s inspiration behind this gorgeous new collection! 

Click for YouTube link:  https://youtu.be/7exoN5z0LgQ
Click for Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/348624649/9f70040d65

You cannot download videos from your mobile phone at this time. However, you can download this video on your desktop by clicking here: Behind the Fall ’19 Line

Fall 2019 Designs of Hope Video


Click for YouTube link: https://youtu.be/TfXRog5gKc4
Click for Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/348611591/d124bb1eec

Introducing Fall 2019 Video –

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You cannot download videos from your mobile phone at this time. However, you can download this video on your desktop by clicking here: Introducing Fall ’19

Click for YouTube link: https://youtu.be/an2nJ3_aHjk
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