Batwa Basket Set Releases!

February 7, 2019 all-day

Home Decor that provides necessities to a refugee community! 

Starting February 7th at 9 am EST, you can purchase the EXCLUSIVE Batwa Basket Set for $78. We are so excited to introduce this home decor set, designed exclusively for Trades of Hope by a NEW artisan group in Uganda!

These beautiful nesting baskets are handcrafted by women in Uganda who are conservation refugees, displaced from the forest villages their people have inhabited for thousands of years. Using tall grasses and tree bark as the natural dyes, they work together to harvest, dry, and weave each piece into stunning designs, just as their ancestors have done for centuries. There are many intricate steps in the basket-making process. In fact, each set takes a full month to complete!

Every purchase helps to provide the following necessities:

  • Education for refugee children
  • Food for the families
  • Medicine for elderly Batwa women
  • Laundry soap for Ugandan mothers
  • HOPE for the future through job creation

While these baskets traditionally would have been used for food storage, they can now serve as a decorative reminder of the Batwa Tribe. Whether adorning a side table or used as decorative storage, this basket set will surely make a beautiful display of Ugandan craftsmanship.