Q3 Hostess Incentive: Donate 10 Meals

Host a Party – Get a Gift – Feed a Child!

HAPPENING NOW …  We are so excited about our third quarter’s Hostess Incentive! Through September 30th,  your hostesses can make a huge impact in a child’s life by providing 10 Meals to a child in Haiti for every party totaling $600! 


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. According to WorldBank.org, 8.5 million of Haiti’s 10.7 million residents live within the lines of poverty and extreme poverty.
For many children, the most nutritious (and sometimes only) meal they eat each day is the one they receive at school. 

Through this hostess incentive, your parties can provide a child in Haiti at Three Angels Academy with ten nutritious meals for each $600+ party. Also, the qualifying hostess will receive an EXCLUSIVE Echo Necklace, handmade by artisans in India, to thank her for impacting the lives of students in Haiti.  

Incentive Details

This Hostess Incentive is designed to help you increase your bookings and increase your party’s average sales with an attainable goal that will also give back!

  • Original event date must be held and closed with orders placed between 7/1/19 @ 12:00 am EST – 9/30/19 @ 11:59 pm EST.
  • For every $600+ party level reached, ten (10) nutritious meals will be donated to a child in Haiti at Three Angels Academy.
  • Parties totaling $1200 will provide 10 Meals each to two (2) children, parties totaling $1800 will provide 10 Meals each to three (3) children, and so on.
  • Your qualifying hostess will also receive an EXCLUSIVE Echo Necklace to thank her for providing ten (10) healthy meals to a child in Haiti.
  • The Echo Necklace will be shipped with the hostess orders.
  • Limit one Echo Necklace for each qualifying party’s hostess.
  • Please note important info below to ensure your hostess receives hers.


  • The Echo Necklace will be automatically added to the Hostess Catalog for all $600+ qualifying parties and must be selected (by the Partner) and added to your hostess order for your hostess to receive her Echo Necklace.  She will receive also a celebratory insert to thank her for her participation and to reinforce the impact she has made.

Product Information

**There will be a limited quantity of Echo Necklaces available for Partners to purchase at a discounted price of $16.** Beginning July 1st, order yours to show your hostesses the gift they can receive when they host a qualifying party this summer.  Partners ordering the Echo Necklace will receive the same postcard with their order that their hostesses will receive. Limit one Echo Necklace purchase per Partner.

Echo Necklace

Dainty golden bars are equally spaced to create an elegant necklace and the perfect layering piece to your necklace collection.

Approx. Measurements: 18″-20″
Materials: Plated metal (brass)
Colors: Gold
Retail Value: $32

Made by Artisans in India who are able to provide for their families and send their children to school by crafting jewelry for Trades of Hope.

Marketing Materials

Download this party printout to display in your parties: 3Q Meals PrintOut

The following marketing materials have been provided to help you maximize your success:

      • 1 Facebook graphic
      • 1 Party Printout PDF
      • 3 Necklace Product photos 
      • 9 Photos of students in Haiti
      • 7 Photos of Artisan in India
      • 3 New Videos for you to share, below:

Training Tips

  • Share the graphics and photos with an engaging caption, like those suggested below, on your social media pages:
        • “The plague of poverty in Haiti is well known. As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, 8.5 million out of 10.7 million Haitians live below the lines of poverty or extreme poverty. You can help children in poverty! Through September 30th, you can host a  party to provide 10 nutritious meals to a child in Haiti!”
        • “For many children in Haiti, their most nutritious – and sometimes only – meal each day is the one they receive at school. You can help feed a child in Haiti when you host a party! Through September 30th, your party can gift 10 nutritious meals to a student at Three Angels School in Haiti. As a bonus, you’ll get an exclusive Echo Necklace to thank you for the impact you’ll make in a student’s life!”
        • “Host a Party – Get a Gift – Feed a Child! Gather your girlfriends for a great cause! You can host a party that will provide TEN meals to a child in Haiti! Bonus – you’ll get an exclusive Echo Necklace for the way you are echoing hope in the lives of a child in Haiti.”