Cycles of Hope

Introducing Cycles of Hope
When we all work together as a collaborative collective, so much more can be accomplished!
Through this NEW incentive, you will have the opportunity to gift bikes to girls in Cambodia!  Bicycles help give a woman a better way to travel to school, travel through her village, or can help her earn an income by allowing her to get to and from work safely every day.  
Starting in  August and running through January 31, 2020, a bike will be gifted for every 88 closed parties of $300 or more! Every Partners’ parties that reach this threshold will be counted towards the 88 needed for a bike donation – all working together to be hope for her.
This means that every single purchase made in a party can be part of a bike that empowers a girl to succeed!  We’re all better together!
Watch this video to learn more about the impact a bicycle can make:
Training Tip: 

Cycles of Hope is a great way to help hostesses know that their party can have a greater impact! Keep it simple.  Most of the time your hostess doesn’t need the Partner-specific details and simply wants to know she’s making a difference.  Let your hostesses know that their party of $300 or more helps give a bike to a girl in Asia. 

Here are a couple ways to share this promotion with your hostesses and customers: 

  • “When you host a $300 or more party, that party will help donate a bike to a girl in Asia.  As a collective group, hostesses are working alongside their partner who is working with Trades of Hope to gift these bikes to those in need.  It’s beautiful to see what we can do together!” 
  • “Together we have the opportunity to provide safe transportation to a girl in Cambodia. When we have a $300 party, we are a part of a larger collaborative of women all across the US working towards this common goal.”
Click to download your party printout: Cycles of Hope PDF