Batwa Basket Ornament

Holiday Decor that provides necessities to a refugee community! 

Now AVAILABLE!  The Batwa Basket ORNAMENT! 😍

You loved them as the Batwa Basket Set … now we’ll have a brand new way you can show love and support displaced refugees!

Available while supplies last, this EXCLUSIVE limited edition ornament is handcrafted by mothers from the Batwa tribe in Uganda. Every step in the process is done by hand, from harvesting and drying tall grasses, natural bark, and making natural plant dyes to using traditional basketry weaving techniques handed down through generations.

NOTE: The lid on this adorable basket ornament opens if you’d like to include a little goodie inside! 

Your purchase helps displaced refugees provide necessities like food, clothing, and medical care for their families. (Plus, everything’s just that much cuter when it’s mini!)

We introduced you to these Artisans back in February with our EXCLUSIVE Batwa Basket Set that completely sold out the first day! This was fantastic news for this  Artisan community in Uganda that crafted this beautiful home decor set, as it opened the door for more work!

Your purchase of this new ornament will continue to provide income for the Batwa community. Thank you for creating ongoing sustainability for these Batwa families!

Every purchase helps to provide the following necessities:

  • Education for refugee children
  • Food for the families
  • Medicine for elderly Batwa women
  • Laundry soap for Ugandan mothers
  • HOPE for the future through job creation

Adorn your tree with this beautiful display of Ugandan craftsmanship.


Product Details:

  • Colors: Red, Light Tan
  • Approximate Measurements: Height: 3″ Diameter: 2″ Measurements include basket lid.
  • Limited quantities now available for $26, while supplies last.
  • Reminder: Trades of Hope limits purchase quantities to 3 of any item per Partner. Please be considerate of others looking to purchase today. 

Download the product images below to share with your customers!