Our Artisans

Our ethically produced pieces are made by women around the world who are overcoming difficult situations. At Trades of Hope, we believe that each woman is an artist and entrepreneur. Through sustainable business, our artisans are able to provide for their children, escape sexual exploitation, create hopeful futures for themselves and much more. We work with around 15 different countries all over the world, some of these products being in our seasonal lines and some being featured in our online marketplace. Trades of Hope is also a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

In 2016, you helped us empower over 13,000 artisans out of poverty. And when you help 1 women out of poverty, she brings 4 others with her (Care.org.au). These 13,000 people are making all the difference in their communities! You are creating a dignified partnership all over the world. 

Check out each of the countries we work with to read more about the artisans! And remember to not overwhelm your customers with too much of this information. Keep utilizing your cue cards at your party, as these pages are just to help you answer questions and share personally. Remember that we are about watching these artisans be empowered and walk in hope and joy!