Gift Bundles


FIVE Gift Bundles to add more options + more value to your customers’ holiday gifting! 

These bundles will help your customers shop early, get great deals, and check off some of their holiday gift-giving needs early this season! We love giving your customers plenty of reasons to shop their way into a full season of sustainable gift-giving options!!

  • All bundles will remain available while supplies last through 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, November 24th.
  • Unlike most product releases that are launched at 12:00 pm EST, our gift bundles launched at 9:00 am EST.
  • Available for purchase using Hostess Rewards.
  • Free shipping coupons can be used with bundle purchases.
  • Purpose Path coupons cannot be used with bundle purchases.

Complete details for each bundle are listed below your shareable graphics and images.

Marketing Materials

We love providing you with marketing materials to help you engage others with beautiful photos and graphics for this promotion!

For your Gift Bundles, you’ll find the following materials below:

  • 10 product photographs of the bundles 
  • 10 square bundle graphics to share on social media

Bundle Details


This bundle features two beautifully handcrafted pieces from Uganda and Kenya: 

  • Mercy Bracelet, Uganda
  • Trade Bracelet, Kenya

Value: $56 Now: $39


Featuring three products as strong as the Artisans who created them: 

  • Kenson Bracelet Set, Haiti
  • Earthbound Wallet, India
  • Expedition Journal, India

Value: $106 Now: $65


Three timeless pieces, because empowerment is always in style:

  • Endless Wristlet, Guatemala
  • Endless Earrings, Cambodia
  • Cambodia Pearl Bracelet, Cambodia

Value: $88 Now: $65


Add a pop of cultural elegance to your holidays with three bold accessories helping women in Thailand and India:

  • Scarlet Clutch, Thailand
  • Prima Sari Earrings, India
  • Prima Sari Necklace, India

Value: $92 Now: $65


Feminine yet fierce, this gift bundle frees women from the bondage of poverty in Nepal & India:

  • Silver Lining Necklace, India
  • Poise Pearl Ring, India
  • Eventide Scarf, Nepal

Value: $96 Now: $65

Training Tips

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Below you’ll find some suggested captions you can use when sharing the graphics below on your social media platforms and inject in your Facebook parties:

  • “‘Tis the season for giving and doing good. Check both off your list with these new gift bundle options – grab ’em while supplies last!”
  • “Bundle up the savings as you wrap up names on your holiday shopping list! Five new bundles are here with discounts on impactful gifts, even if you’re gifting yourself … again! ;)”
  • “Introducing 5 new Trades of Hope gift bundles. Shop now to save, and stock up on gifting options for everyone on your list!”
  • “Five fair-trade gift bundles that change lives around the world. Grab some deals that keep families together this holiday season!”